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The Roman's used lead and clay piping to get potable water that maintained private homes, amphitheaters, and bathhouses throughout the Roman Contr?le. In fact lead was still the predominant metal used for normal water services servicing homes and businesses in the US up until WW II. Lead was very flexible and extremely durable which made it an ideal piping material. In fact lead wiping was considered an art form. The use of business lead for potable water reduced sharply after WW 2 because of the dangers of lead poisoning. There is still some controversy with regards to the harmfulness of business lead water services being used. Some testing was done several years ago and it was found the fact that service calcified so quickly very little if any lead leeched through the calcification be that as it may lead services are no longer used and are still being replaced today in some of our larger more aged cities across the US.

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